The Shadow Hunter

The Shadow Hunter
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sexta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2009


People use words to say their thoughts

And, for each person, for each moment,

Sometimes for who says,
Sometimes for who listens,

Those same words have a different meaning.

It's not every time that telling someone else "I love you!" can say all we feel.

Do you know that wish we have of seeing an spontaneous smile at the beloved face?

The one that let it evident she realizes how much she is loved?

This is the one that works!

The one we say because we need, because we thirst, because of yearning.

It's almost how to ask for care, when it feels too much lacking.

And of a lack only a smile like yours and a shine like the one in your eyes can heal!

This is the one I offer to you!

And that I'm sure you deserve it from everyone who is around you

And already have it!

By now, I just wish these things I said could make you smile!

Um comentário:

Danielle disse...

Tudo que você fala, independentemente de ser doce ou não, me faz sorrir, pois me lembra do quanto o mundo é melhor por vc existir!!!